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Hi-Res Vinyl Seats

SB180 Black Vinyl
SB187 Burgundy Vinyl
SB187L Black Vinyl

BS181 Single Ring Metal Bar Stool

BS181 Black Vinyl
BS181 American Beauty Vinyl
BS181 Burgundy Vinyl

BS182 Double Ring Metal Bar Stool

BS182 Black Vinyl
BS182 American Beauty Vinyl
BS182 Burgundy Vinyl

BS184 Open Back Metal Bar Stool

BS184 Black Vinyl
BS184 American Beauty Vinyl

BS187 Fullback Metal Bar Stool

BS187 Black Vinyl
BS187 Burgundy Vinyl (Seat Close-Up)
BS187L Black Vinyl
BS187L Black Vinyl (Seat Close-Up)
BS187L Crimson Vinyl
BS187 Burgundy Vinyl

BS210/CH210 Metal Crossback Bar Stool and Chair

BS210 - Black Vinyl
CH210 - Black Vinyl

BS216/CH216 Metal Ladderback Bar Stool and Chair

BS216 - Black Vinyl
CH216 - Black Vinyl

CH281ARM Black Wicker Aluminum Arm Chair

CH281ARM - Black Wicker

Traditional Bar Stools

BS183 Black Vinyl Bar Stool
BS183L Club Seat Black Vinyl Bar Stool
BS183 Crimson Vinyl Bar Stool
BS183L Club Seat Crimson Vinyl Bar Stool

Additional Indoor-Outdoor Furniture Pages (.pdf files)

Indoor-Outdoor Furniture 1
Indoor-Outdoor Furniture 2
Indoor-Outdoor Furniture 4
Indoor-Outdoor Furniture 5

BS611/CH611 Wood Deluxe Ladderback Bar Stool and Chair

BS 611 Mahogany - Black Vinyl
BS 611 Mahogany
BS611 Natural
BS611 Walnut
CH611 Mahogany
CH 611 Natural
CH611 Walnut

BS612/CH612 Wood Ladderback Bar Stool and Chair

BS 612 Mahogany - Black Vinyl
BS612 Mahogany
BS612 Natural - Black Vinyl
BS612 Natural
BS612 Walnut
BS612 Black
CH612 Natural - Bordeaux Vinyl
CH612 Natural
CH612 Mahogany
CH612 Natural
CH612 Walnut
CH612 Black

BS615/CH615 Wood Library Bar Stool and Chair

BS 615 Natural
CH 615 Natural

BS617/CH617 Wood Museum Bar Stool and Chair

BS617 Mahogany
BS617 Walnut
BS617 Walnut - Black Vinyl
CH617 Mahogany
CH617 Walnut - Black Vinyl

BS627/CH627 Wood Slatback Bar Stool and Chair

BS627 Mahogany
BS627 Natural
BS627 Black
BS 627 Natural - Black Vinyl
CH 627 Mahogany
CH627 Natural
CH627 Black

BS629/CH629 Wood Latticeback Bar Stool and Chair

BS 629 Mahogany
BS629 Black
CH 629 Mahogany - Forest Green Vinyl
CH629 Mahogany
CH629 Black

BS636/CH636 Wood Deluxe Blockback Bar Stool and Chair

BS636 Mahogany
BS636 Natural
CH636 Mahogany
CH636 Natural

CH111 1.5" Square Back Stack Chair

CH111 - Red Vinyl
CH111 - Burgundy Vinyl
CH111 - Dark Brown Vinyl
CH111 - Black Vinyl

CH122 2.5" Square Back Stack Chair

CH122 - Burgundy Vinyl
CH122 - Dark Brown Vinyl
CH122 - Black Vinyl

CH123 1.5" Round Back Stack Chair

CH123 - Burgundy Vinyl
CH123 - Dark Brown Vinyl
CH123 - Black Vinyl

CH123-2 - 2.5" Round Back Stack Chair

CH123-2 - Burgundy Vinyl
CH123-2 - Dark Brown Vinyl
CH123-2 - Black Vinyl

CH122-3 3" Square Back Stack Chair

CH122-3 - Black Vinyl

CH611- Walnut Finish with Black Vinyl Seat

CH611 Walnut Finish- Black Vinyl

CH612- Natural Finish with Black Vinyl Seat

CH612 Natural Finish- Black Vinyl

TB Cross Table Bases

Table Base Inset
TB 0522
TB 2222
TB 2222 Bar Height
TB 2430
TB 3030
TB 3333

TBR Round Table Bases

TB 17

TBBD Bolt Down Table Base


RT-TT Reversible Table Tops

RT-TT24R Black
RT-TT24R Walnut
RT-TT24R Natural
RT-TT24R Mahogany
RT-TT2424 Black
RT-TT2424 Walnut
RT-TT2424 Natural
RT-TT2424 Mahogany

A-TT Aluminum Outdoor Table and Base

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